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Veni. Vidi. Amavi.

.I thought I was alone and sad. But the more I think about it, the more I’ve come to realize that I have cherished nothing more but my singleness. My freedom to do everything I like without anyone hindering me. That I would trade hours of being with someone, with hours of staying at home, reading books or watching movies I have missed when they were shown in theaters.

I’m no hopeless romantic, I just thought I was.


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Veronika Decides to Die. Oh how I love that book. :)

You got it right. Hahaha. It’s really funny how i’m thinking of grabbing the opportunity of doing it. Giving my life a big “twist”, theoritically, in order to find what I’m looking for. Still, odds of not waking up is greater. Lol. Veronika was lucky, she was given days to cherished what she had. What if I’d wake up and find myself with a non-functioning liver or kidney or whatever internal organ. I’d have to live my days in pain. Though there is a chance that I’d end up with the donor, if ever there js one. Gahd. What a messed up way of thinking. Hahahah

"Just a bottle of this and it’s all over". That’s what we were thought to believe. But what if I’ll end up like Veronika? I’ll wake up and find myself in a ward, where everyone would think that i’m a hopeless case.

Would i even concern myself with that, if i found out that i’ll only have a month to live? What if in that odd place, i’m going to find love instead? Would I be happy? After years of waiting and searching for it, would i be able to celebrate?

But What would it take to skip the tragic situation and live happily ever after instead?

I want to end everything yet i want to know what the future holds for me. Would i triump? Or would i succumb to rejection and loneliness?

Found this while rummaging through my stuff. Date says that I drew this on August 13, 2004. I was fourteen back then and was in third year high school. I used to love drawing. What happened?

I really don’t like attending PTA meetings but I don’t really have a choice since i’m the only who’s practically flexible in terms of working schedule. I don’t know. I’m not even sure where my life is going and i’m stuck here for a couple of minutes listening to parents about what they want for the Family Day.

Like seriously, I don’t have a child yet and i’ve been handed this responsibility which isn’t mine to begin with. This is going to be a long meeting and i’ll be sitting here, being passive about everything. Just go along with the flow, i’ve always been good with that. I really don’t want to draw their attention and I’ll just happily obliged to what they have decided.

I suck right? But I’m already getting uncomfortable being with people who are ten or twenty years older than me. Just help me get by. Pfftt.

Isn’t this perfect? <3

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Yung mas mahal pa ang bayad sa pagpapabili ng hair wax kesa dun sa wax mismo. Bibili daw ang ate ko ng pagkain sa Jollibee at ako ang magbabayad. Wow ha. Di ko alam kung ano bibilhin niya at siya pa mismo ang nagtanong kung ano ang gusto kong kainin at ng pamangkin namin. Ay wag na. Sayo na lang. Busog na ako. HAHAHAH.

Sabi niya kasi na nagpromise daw ako. Di ko matandaan. Doppelganger ko siguro kausap niya o tulog ako. Hay nako! Ganito talaga pag may mga kapatid, pag may pera, hinohold up. HAhahaha. Makaganti nga next time. :P

Game developers are crazy.

I’m currently waiting for someone and so i decided to download this game called “swing copters”. It’s like freakin’ flappy bird all over again but a lot harder to control. After trying it countless of times, was finally able to get a score of one.

I’m done with this game.


“Pain tends to heal as time passes, but personally I don’t want time to heal my wounds. You may think you can escape the pain and forgotten it, but that’s nothing more than stagnation. You can’t move forward without the pain.”

- Ciel Phantomhive (kuroshitsuji)